Saturday, December 3, 2011

Productivity and Decorations

Today was oh so productive!  It was wonderful.  Josh and I tagged teamed different aspects of the house and, quite frankly, kicked house butt. 

Things that were done:

-More Christmas decorations were washed and put up.  People say "shop your house" but I like to shop other people's houses so the decorations were courtesy of Mom and my aunt.  A bonus about that is that some of them get to be returned so storage isn't an issue.
-Many loads of laundry were done.
-The house was picked up
-Nutella Cheesecake Pumpkin muffins were made.  They are glorious!  Chocolate-y, pumpkin-y goodness.  Even Josh, who doesn't like pumpkin, said they were good and had one.  Recipe is here.
-Went to the library and took back books.  I have decided I no longer like "frilly" books.  I got one that sounded interesting and included a Jane Austen-esque plot but it did Jane Austen no credit and I found myself rolling my eyes prodigiously.  As a dear friend says, Life is too short to read bad books.
-Josh worked on the heat pump.  That work continues as when we came in the air conditioning was running.  It was COLD.
-There is one coat of paint on the walls.  It looks a little like a little boy nursery but I am trying to move past that.
-A birthday present for Mom was bought.
-Mexican food was consumed.

Here are some pics of the decorations.  Our house is still "plain" compared to some that I've seen decorated but since I don't like too much out cause it gets cluttery I am pretty pleased.

This is my dream home.  Those are my three (disporptionate) children hauling in the tree out front.  Inside, everything is decorated beautifully and the whole house is filled with family and good food.  The house looks like the cover of Southern Home Living.  Despite the fact I am cooking up a storm, every hair is in place and I'm wearing my pearls.  My fourth child is upstairs reading, cause she's like her mommy.  There is a shaggy dog that is underfoot but well beloved.  I have a rich fantasy life about that house.
I want to fill him with many cookies!

Cute!  Please excuse my mess, we're still constructing so the table is still occupied.

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