Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Doggie Treadmill: When a Leash Is Too Low Tech

There are a lot of things I see on tv that make me go "What???"  Most of those things are reality tv shows, but occasionally you come across a commercial that has the same effect.  Enter the dog treadmill by Cesar Millan.  Just watch:

What???  We have really reached a new laziness low.  Granted, there are some people who have health problems that preclude them from walking their pets, but for Most people, taking their dog outside isn't beyond their capability.  I love that this is a tv commercial too.  It's like he's saying "I see you there, sitting on the couch, your fingers orange from cheese puffs.  I know you don't want to get up and take your pooch outside to walk.  I've got your solution!"  If he had only offered a free ironing board attachment he could have upped sales, really cover all the reasons for having a treadmill.

Someone is going to buy this though.  They are going to spend a great deal of money on a doggie treadmill when they could have modified the treadmill they have (or a neighbor or relative because those things don't get a lot of use) or just gotten up and gone outside!!  I wish I could sale something to these people.  The world, it has a limitless capacity for silly inventions.  This one barely scratches the surface.  People people people *shaking head in awe*.

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