Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter, April, and Excuses

Hello my lovelies!  Did you have a marvelous Easter?  Mine was fine, nothing too big went on.  The one big thing that did happen was Passover. Josh and I hosted a Passover Seder at our house last Friday. It was such fun!  Okay, to be perfectly honest, it was incredibly stressful leading up to the gathering, but then it was fun. I always majorly stress over gatherings. Josh and got SO much done though!  I should really have people over more often just for my house's sake. Josh put in a new heat pump, curtains got hung, a gallery style picture grouping thingy got painted and done (pictures of that in the next post), the yard was mowed, weeds were pulled, mulch was put down, junk was cleaned out. Basically my house is now super clean so I say yay!  I made traditional Jewish food which was new to me. It all turned out surprisingly well. The chicken matzoh ball soup was a big hit. There are no Jews in this area, like none at all so it was a major challenge to find matzoh. I asked people at Walmart about it and they looked at me like I was speaking Greek, or Hebrew as the case may be.

This is April (aren't you glad you have me for these facts?) and that means it is my blogs 2 year anniversary so I am planning to blog every day this month. I say planning because it is day two and I've already missed one day. Yeah I'm a slacker. Can I say it was because of something awesome like I was saving orange kittens from a mudslide then giving them a bath and spending the rest of the night cleaning my multitude of scratches?  My blog, my rules, so that is totally the story I am going with. :)

Okay I had something else to say but I am getting carpel tunnel from trying to blog on this iPad and I kind of forget what it was haha!  More tomorrow! Ciao!

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