Friday, April 5, 2013

Gallery Style Pictures for My Living Room

I made a wall collage of pictures.  It makes me happy to see something on the wall instead of blankness!  I took out all these pieces of glass and cardboard and the little fake family pictures they put in.  Then I didn't put them in any sort of order.  Why oh why did I not?  It was much more difficult to match up the glass with the frame than I thought it would be.  Silly me!  

I got Eli to spray paint the frames for me.  Apparently spray painting requires more skill than I give it credit for so it was better to hand it off to the expert.  I got all my photos done in different shades and intensities of sepia.  The tone really ties into the chocolate on the opposite wall and doesn't clash with the paint.  Then I spent three forevers laying out the pictures and frames the way I wanted.  I can't make a decision about what to watch on tv so deciding on a layout and pictures and paint color was a major test of my abilities!  Then, because we were having people over, Josh hung the pictures for me.  Having people over gets stuff done quickly!  I got el cheapo frames (seriously from the dollar store) so they weren't weighted correctly and hung helter skelter.  My OCD was going CRAZY!  

Then Josh got it all fixed up and I stopped hyperventilating when I walked past haha.  Doesn't it look nice?  I think so.

 Here is a close up of the color.  It is Aubergine.  Surprisingly Josh agreed to this color.  I didn't figure that he would since it's purple.  I got a green that I really liked too because again with the decision making.  It looked great as well and I thought about using both colors, but it looked exactly like Barney.  Yeah a we have a thing for big purple dinosaurs wasn't the statement I was trying to make.  I'm going to use that green for another craft though, another craft in another room!

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  1. Looks good! I was a little concerned when I saw that picture of the crooked frames! Haha.