Saturday, April 13, 2013

Mini Cooper Radio Commercial

Have you heard the new Mini Cooper commercial?  I searched to find it and link it here, but I can't find it.  It's on the radio; I hear it on Pandora a lot.  The commercial says that it is spring and time to clean out your garage.  It goes on to say that it is a perfect time to get rid of your old dirty car and put a new clean, shiny Mini Cooper in its place.

This commercial kind of ticks me off.  Our economy has still not fully recovered from the recession of 2008.  A lot of people are still struggling to make ends meet.  A commercial like this seems to send the message that you aren't "successful" if you can't dispose of your car like outgrown clothes and excess junk.  I heard (on Mad Men, I think, so obviously a totally reliable source) that advertising's purpose is to make sure we are never content.  This is a perfect example.  There are a blue million car commercials and they are all trying to get people to ditch their old car in exchange for a new ____ whatever kind.  This one just seems over the top.  It sows those seeds of discontent in a deeper, more in your face kind of way.  It just seems offensive.

I always thought Mini Coopers were cute cars and I've heard good things about them, but I think I would be hesitant to own one now just because I don't care for their advertising strategy at all.  There is putting a desire for a product in someone's mind and there is this and this seems excessive.  Shrug, those are my thoughts.  Notice the commercial next time and see what you think.

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