Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Lost Art of Phone Etiquette

How did you guys like me blogging "every day" in April? Yeah that went so well for me lol.

I'm soapboxing today, ready?  I talked this guy on the phone today which is leading to this rant on phone etiquette. Now, a lot of etiquette has gone by the wayside, but when you make a call, you should state your name if you don't call much.  I don't know everyone by their voice from work. This guy calls, we both say hello, and then...nothing. Just silence. You called so speak!!  We used to have some neighbor kids like that. They would ring the doorbell and when we answered they would just stand there and stare at you.  Staring with vacant expressions.

Finally the guy says something and we start one of the most halting, stilted conversations ever.  We going over a technical problem when I apparently said something confusing. Instead of saying "can I have some more information?" Or "can you clarify that?" he just said "more information."  "More information?!" That's it?  I felt like Siri!  Geez people, little politeness goes a long way!

I know these are earth shattering revelations but try to remember to speak when you call someone and maybe not bark orders like they are a fluffy Pomeranian.  Or better yet, just text,that way you can't hear me rolling my eyes.

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  1. Oh, how ironic is that? He's the one calling yet he asks you to reveal yourself. Anyway, it's good that you posted something like this. At least readers get to be aware of this issue. Regards!