Sunday, January 1, 2012


So on Friday (maybe?  My days are running together) I wrote about my resolutions.  The first was that Josh and I need more Bible reading.  I was talking to mom about this and saying how I'd like to do one of the "Read Thru the Bible In A Year" but I get so discouraged because, inevitably, I miss a day here or there and then you are so far behind that it is easy to give up.  Additionally a lot of you know that Josh and I have been church searching for about two months.

So today we fell off the wagon so to speak, the church hunting wagon that is.  We had stopped going to this church that we loved because there had been a pastor/church issue that resulted in the pastor (whom we loved) leaving.  Since by then we had moved we thought we'd look for a church closer to home.  Well, today we went back just to see how that church is doing.  Turns out we still love that church!  Even though the pastor we respected so much is gone, their ministry is still growing and going and we felt like we had just come back home.

If I didn't believe in God-Things, then I would say this is ironic, but today the sermon was all about starting off the new year right and getting in The Word.  They even had a plan that let you read the Bible in a year but has built in days where you don't have to read.  That way you can get sick and miss a day but you aren't off track.

Tonight was our first night doing the reading.  Josh had to read because my jaws are still sore (and I might have talked too much for the jaws' taste this weekend, true story).  I love to hear and see my husband leading us in spiritual ways.  It makes me smile :)

So that was our day.  I call it a successful first day of the year.  Plus, I also already made a supper plan for tomorrow and have tentative plans for other days this week.  Yay for organization!

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