Monday, January 16, 2012

My Anniversary Present

Do you know what my wonderful amazing husband got me for our first anniversary?  Do you?  He got me tickets to see Les Miserables in Knoxville!  I am in love with that musical, have been for some time.  I have the 25th anniversary performance on DVD.  I paid full price for it, if you know how much I love a bargain, you know this shows a deep love.

Our seats were literally as far back in the theater as you could get without being in the lobby, but at least you could see the entire stage.  I thought it was incredible.  There is just something totally different about seeing something on stage, in person that you don't get from watching it on DVD.  It's a connection to the music, a whole body immersion in the plot.  At least it is for me, not so much for Josh.  At the intermission he asked hopefully if it was over and was much disappointed that indeed there was almost half left.  At one point he actually sighed loudly and rolled his head in a manner that said "If they sing ONE more song, I'm going to leap over the people in front of me and run screaming from the theater".  Thankfully he repressed the urge.

I was one happy girl and have been singing the songs all day long in my head.  I think Josh is going to get a ladder for his present.  Yep, we're just a little different :)

That was the big excitement of my weekend.  I hope yours was great and your week is off to non-sucky start!

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