Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Best Happy Meal Toy EVER

McDonalds has miniature Barbies again!!!  I love me some Happy Meal Barbies!  I collected them when I was little.  When Barbies were out we ate at McDonald's weekly cause that's when the new ones came out.  Even Mom and Dad would have a Happy Meal if there were multiple ones already out.  Number 8 up there, she was my fav.  I also loved the year that they did international Barbies.  Spain was my favorite that year.  Ah, memories.  Did you collect any of the Happy Meal toys?  I collected the mini Beanie Babies too.  My grandmother would literally stay up, drive to McDonalds and wait in line til midnight when the new mini Beanies were released.  That is some dedication right there.

Now I'm trying to convince myself I don't Need a Happy Meal!

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