Monday, January 9, 2012

I'm an Icing Star

Tonight I started a four week Wilton cake decorating class.  It was pretty fun.  We made stars, lots of stars.  I am a cookie decorating fool lol.  I think I will really enjoy it.  I am not at all crafty.  I give a good effort but it just isn't there.  I'm not artsy either so I really didn't hold out much hope for this class, but I think I might have found my medium.  Seriously, icing is easier to work with than paint or clay.  I'm certainly not great (I've had all of one class) but it's fun and something I could definitely see fiddling around with.

I have two issues with the class though.  The one is that I have this kit and it is supposed to be everything you need for the four weeks, but then I get there tonight and it isn't.  I expected to have to buy stuff to make cakes (duh) and icing but I didn't expect to have to buy angled spreaders, turntables, and cake levelers.  It's kind of a Wilton trap, they've got you committed to the class so now you need to buy the stuff to finish.  I see your thought process Wilton, you aren't fooling me!  Some of the stuff I may buy, some of it I probably won't.  This is just for fun, it's not like I'm planning to open a bakery and actually do this.

The second issue is that I am about in the middle of the age range of the class.  That in and of itself isn't bad, but there are two inmature girls in there who were driving me Up a Wall!  They are maybe 10 and 13 and they were talking and giggling and then one of them answered her phone when it rang (loudly) in the middle of class!  Gah!  Respect people, R-E-S-P-E-C-T.  Everyone in there was just looking at them and shaking their heads. 

I was gonna post a picture of my cookies but they are all the way in the kitchen and the heating blanket is on high so pretend like these are mine.  Also pretend like I wasn't making those 30 minutes before the class started and, while you're pretending, pretend like they were made from scratch not an off-brand roll, k?  Thanks!

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