Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Because I Have No Shame

 My cake class teacher canceled class yesterday after I had already made my cupcakes and icing.  So today before Josh got home, I messed around with what she would have taught.  Here are the results.  I only show you because what is a blog for if not to show your less that stellar cupcake decorating skills?

This is my makeshift icing bag.  I used up all I had and there was no way I was going out just for that.  I made it from a ziploc bag with a little slit cut for the tip.

I put red raspberry jam in my cupcakes.  Why has no one every told me how wonderful red raspberry jam is????  You people who knew about the wonderfulness and did not tell me, I hold you personally responsible for my life not being as happy as it could have been.  Shame on you.

These are my pompom flowers.  Eh, they turned out okay.  The one on the right has a border I like to call "what can I do to get rid of some this orange icing".  It's all the rage.

These are supposed to be shaggy mums and from a distance they kind of look like it.  I think they look like the flowers from Alice in Wonderland.  Do you see the resemblance?

The one on the left is what happens when you forget what tip is on your bag.  So then you put green around it and call it ivy!  The other is my favorite, rosettes are easy and it looks pretty nice.

So that's cake!  Saturday is my first anniversary (d'awww!) so I'll write about great Josh is later this week.

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