Sunday, January 22, 2012

Troubled? Suck It Up!

I saw a bumper sticker on a car (yeah I know, way to state the obvious) that said "Troubled? Well, get over it.  Jesus loves you.  John 3:16".  This seriously got my knickers in a wad!  It is no wonder that people don't like Christians with that sort of flippant attitude about someone's problems in life!

Now I know the point they were trying to make.  That the love of the Lord overcomes whatever you are dealing with, trust in Him, etc.  And yeah, that would make for a pretty long bumper sticker.  But could they have phrased that much worse?!?  I mean "get over it" is not a helpful statement when you are sad/troubled/hurting.  I have had people tell me that at some of the lowest points in my life and I remember just looking at them thinking that was about the least helpful thing they could have possibly said.  Silence is better than telling someone to get over it.  Silence is better than a lot of remarks that people make, come to think of it.  So my first issue with this stupid statement is just the blatant lack of caring it seems to evoke.

My second issue is the use of that particular verse and Jesus Loves You.  Do you ever feel like Christians use that combo as a magic phrase, like bibbi-bobbi-di-boo?  Jesus loves you so it should be all better!  Yeah, that is comforting but come on, just saying doesn't suddenly make your troubles melt away.  It may put some perspective there but it doesn't magically solve your problems.  Plus, why is that the fall back verse?  If ever you need to say something spiritual but are at a total loss for something appropriate, that is the verse most people pull out.  It would be nice if we had a little more scriptural background to pull from.

I have a third issue with this which is the mass production of such a sentiment and what the says about a group of believers and their callousness but someone is walking around on my porch and I need to investigate.  Please fill in that portion of the soapbox yourself.  Summary:  don't be purposefully cruel to people who are suffering and don't use Jesus loves you like a magic spell.

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