Monday, July 4, 2011

2nd of July

Happy 4th of July!  I hope you are bbq-ing or swimming or doing something wonderfully summery!  We had our gathering on Saturday because Josh was supposed to work today.  It was such fun!  Since we've changed churches I hadn't seen some of these people in months.  Here are some pics.  Please note, if you weren't at the lake house on the 2nd, you were missing out, sorry to tell ya :(

 This is the lake house.  Dad designed it and we built it.  I spent the majority of my teenage Saturdays working on it, wishing I were just about anywhere else.

This is a look into my future.  It's my momma and Bubba.  They look alike.  A LOT alike.  I suppose one day I will look the same.

This, however, is my present.  :-)  I am absolutely wild about that man!  (Even if he gives me bunny ears)

 This is Papaw.  I am super excited about this picture because it somehow just captured his personality in my opinion and I pretty much never get good pictures. 

Eli and McK.  You can't really tell but Eli's mouth is open yelling because McK is drowning him with the canoe paddle.  Only because Eli tried the rock the canoe enough to flip it.  I love to watch those two!  They almost have a better brother-sister bond than Eli and I do!  Plus, she talks a lot which makes her the sister I never had!

Dad swingin'.  We all love this swing.  It almost matches the sky in this shot, pretend I planned it like that lol!

Once a upon a time I was a preteen/young teenager.  I was young and stupid.  I Hated the lake with a passion.  I "knew" that I wanted to get out of this little hick town and go somewhere and live a fancy life in a big city.  I am now a few years older and a bit wiser and I don't want to leave this little safe haven where we can watch the sun set on the lake and geese float.  It's too pretty and peaceful to exchange for the hustle and bustle and expense and smell of a big city.


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  1. I love the pic of papaw too...I agree that it does capture "him"! :)