Monday, June 27, 2011

Hooray for a Good Monday!

Mondays suck as a general rule.  You are just so darn far from the weekend!  Today has been a very good productive day.

-Josh worked on my car so it will (hopefully) run for a long time now.
-I made a B+ on my Quant test.
-I did the LAST experiment in lab!!!  Woo hoo!  I work in a lab, but doing lab for a class makes me so anxious.  I have no idea why.  Anyway, I was way glad to be done.
-I washed the sheets.  I love clean sheets!  You just sleep so much better.
-I made Reese cookies.  Josh really liked them.  I think he's had four so far.
-Josh and I went to the grocery so now we can eat!  Today I had to pull a Granny Clark.  She was my great-grandmother and Mom and Bubba say she could make a huge meal out of beans and a scrap of pork.  (Hi Bubba!)  Supper was light, but now we have food.
-Now I get to sit and watch tv and see my husband.  We actually saw each in the daylight!  I haven't seen him in natural light in, wow, a long time.

These are the Reese cookies.  They are softer and better than they look.  The dough is really crumbly so it cracks at the corner.
I know you all have been very concerned about the state of my toenails.  I am happy to say they have been painted.  You can rest easier now.

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