Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Comma Again?

I'm having a soapbox moment.  It'll pass it's probably the heat.  Here it is:

Random grammar errors.  I'm not usually a grammar nazi but some of the emails I get you would not believe.  Today I got an email that ran like this "sells rep "Dakota" whatever the rest of the sentence was".  I had to read it a couple of times.  Now what I am pretty sure she meant was that the woman's name is Dakota.  Of course it could be an alias.  "Dakota" could be a CIA agent who has infiltrated one of our suppliers.  When giving someone's name like this woman was offset by commas as in:  sells rep, Dakota, whatever the rest of the sentence was.  Commas drive me crazy!  People will insert them in the most, random, places,.  And then one of my favorite typo is our/are.  Not the same.  At all.

On a happy note, Josh put together our second bookshelf and my living room is Way more organized now.  It makes me happy.  See?  That's as good as the picture gets cause right then my camera died.

-"Sierra" it really an alias and I am an alien that has taken over "Sierra's" body??  Muhahaha


  1. Love the book shelf!! I have 2 black tall bookshelves that we got as wedding presents and I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE them. Bookworms reunite!

  2. I love that I know that bookshelf is in alphabetical order even though I can't really see the titles on the movies. :P