Monday, July 11, 2011

House Hunters LIES!!

Josh and I love HGTV and the History Channel (for American Pickers) and A&E (for Storage Wars) but this post is about HGTV.  We like House Hunters.  I’m sure you’ve seen it.  Nice happy couple goes with a perfectly coiffed realtor and looks at three houses all within a fairly narrow price range.  Each house has a thing or two positive and a thing or two negative.  They announce “we chose House #...(Lysol disinfects to protect [commercial break])…2!”  They sign the paper work and suddenly there they are in a $300,000 house that makes all their furniture from their old house look even better despite the changes in lighting and room size.

Did you know this is all false?  How do I know this is false?  Josh and I have been house looking.  We’ve been looking 6-8 weeks and this is what we’ve found:                             .  That big empty space is where our first starter home pictures isn’t.  We have yet to even go in a house legally( we can’t help it if you don’t think to lock the door behind you, in that case we are our own tour guides, the house was up for sale and uninhabited, we don’t wander through people’s homes).  Josh takes this all in stride but we have spent hours poring over internet sites and homes magazines to come up with not even a house that is worth investigating.  I don’t take it in stride as well as he does.  Hence, this post. 

We found on that we thought might be worth looking at.  We made an appointment.  Between the time we made the appointment (last Tuesday) and when we were supposed to look at the house (tomorrow) the house went under contract and they won’t show it to us.  Sigh.  We both know we don’t want to rush into buying a house that isn’t right but I guess I thought would have seen more viable options.  Sigh again.  

Stupid House Hunters building up false hope of multiple options of perfectly acceptable homes.  Grumble grumble.

I’ll keep you appraised of the goings on (hmm, there is a house hunting joke in there somewhere about appraisals, but I can’t quite get it, pretend I told a funny joke and laugh and slap your knee).

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