Sunday, July 17, 2011

This Is An Important Week

I am ready for this week, well sort of.  This week I have my neurologist appointment and my wisdom teeth taken out.  I am so incredibly ready to hear what the neurologist has to say.  You cannot imagine how ready I am to be headache free.  And my wisdom teeth are just annoying.  My parents paid far too much money to make my teeth straight for these silly wisdom teeth to mess them up.

In order to get ready for this week I have been cleaning like a mad woman all weekend.  I have literally cleaned the light fixtures.  My bathroom has no light because they fixtures are down and drying.  It's a little extreme.  This is what I imagine nesting must be like.  Here is a financial tip from me to you (because I completely and totally qualified to offer you advice ;)  )  (I never know how to close a parentheses when I have a smiley at the end)  (Sorry, I use a lot of parentheses)  (Now I'm done).  If I ever get pregnant you should invest in the company that makes Pine Sol.  I have used about half a bottle in two days.  Right now my entire apartment smells like a pine forest.  I think that company would be looking at two extremely good quarters if I were nesting.  Anyway, so there has been lots of cleaning, why you ask?  Because of my mother.  She has permanently damaged my psyche.  Not really, that is completely a joke.  She did teach me that you should always plan to die.  I know that is morbid, but just in case I didn't wake up from being put to sleep for the wisdom teeth or I had some brain eating bacteria and I kicked the bucket I want the house to be nice for the ladies who will bring casseroles to Josh.  Do I think either of those will happen, no, but now if they did, the microwave is clean.  What is more likely, is that I will be tired and swollen and won't feel like cleaning and will be appreciative of my fresh clean sheets.  I love clean sheets.

I've also cooked two fresh loaves of bread.  Regular honey wheat and cinnamon raisin.  I put Nutella and banana slices on the cinnamon raisin and it was a party in my mouth.  I think that is my new favorite breakfast food.  I've also stocked up lots of food.  I'm ready to convalesce.  Prayers for quick healing would be awesome.  Also, should I die, go to the guest bathroom and say "Look at these globes, so clean wipe tear she was so thoughtful to clean these so we could see when we brought this delicious casserole."  Thanks!

Look how prettily it swirled!  This is a major accomplishment for me.

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  1. I hope your appointment will go well! Keep us updated.

    I loved your breads; they looked so pretty!!

    I am very excited...we got a bread maker machine from our wedding. So I'll be definitely making a lot of breads once we move into a new place! :)