Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sometimes There Is An Epic Fail...This Is An Example

 I had a really good idea.  I was going to make a four layer cake.  I bought a new pan.  It is the coolest thing.  It has this little latch on the side that makes the pan sort of spring out and let the cake come out of the bottom, keeping it's theory that is.  This is my pan (And my pretty basket for Farmer's Market Shopping, I might have sung "a tisket, a tasket, a red and yellow basket".  I couldn't help myself.  You weren't there, don't judge my voice lol.).

So then I chose a recipe for icing, one that didn't call for only egg whites because I can't separate yolk from white. 
Define irony:  choosing an icing recipe without only egg whites, only to have your husband ask for white cake...which requires only egg whites.  I did get better at getting just the whites and leaving the yolk intact.  Here's another side note, I made those eggs into scrambled eggs and without whites eggs are BAD!! 

I started baking the cake.  For some unknown reason it took nearly twice as long as it was supposed to.  While the cake baked, I made the icing.  Well, that is to say, that I tried.  I accidently misread the recipe and screwed it up.  Instead of being nice and fluffy it was like a really tasty cream cheesy pudding.  Good, but not conducive to layering.  Not to be taunted I tried.  I cut the cake in half and layered with icing and put peaches on the second layer.  Not too bad.  Just wait.

The next two layers finished the poor cake off.  It collapsed under its own weight.  It wasn't a pretty sight.  There was so much icing that the top two layers tried to slide off the counter, I had to catch them with my bare hands.  Don't worry, I am a compulsive hand washer when I cook.  I then scooped it onto plates and dolloped just a little a whole bunch of the leftover icing on top and then added fruit.  Oh well.  Sometimes the cake falls.  Then you scoop it onto plates or serve it in martini glasses.  Overall it's what's inside that counts.  Such a wonderful life lesson.  Maybe I'm just trying to make myself feel better.  :)

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