Sunday, July 24, 2011

It's 3.5 Million Degrees and 179% Humidity

So naturally I am thinking about Christmas haha!  I am super super excited about my first married Christmas with Josh.  Last year was our first Christmas together and it was such fun.  Christmas is one of the most romantic times of the year.  :-)

Since it is our first married Christmas and my first Christmas really away from home, its the first time I will decorate.  Bekah used to decorate our little apartment but she was pretty much in charge of that.  I've been looking at themed decorations, like a particular color theme or something.  Here are the pictures of what I like:

This is traditional red and gold.  Pretty.  Classic.  Not a huge gold fan but at Christmas it works.

This is blue and silver.  A little more my style.  Kind looks cold though, you know "it evokes the snow and ice that oft accompanies the Christmas season" as a magazine would say.

This is pink.  Josh would never go for this but it was cute so I thought you should see it.  It looks like a doll house's decorations! 

This is a peppermint theme.  It makes me want peppermint.  Or a candy striper uniform.  It's more of a theme per se than the simpler color themes.  I really love the peppermint on the mailbox!   I'm not sure why there is a wedding cake in the bottom right picture.  The picture said it was for a party so maybe they were serving a lot of guests?  Shrug.  Whatever floats their boat!

This is definitely the most exciting part of Christmas!  Josh and I are getting a bed!!  We think this is what we are getting.  We've been looking and this is our favorite so far.  Josh doesn't share the bed so great haha.  The other night, in his sleep, he started pushing me and saying "You are ALWAYS in the way!  Always!"  It was funny.  Well, except that I was all but hanging onto the edge of the bed with my toenails.

Merry July that is!


  1. Haha! Well... you're welcome to borrow my little Christmas tree that used to sit next to the fish tank if you would like. I'd even let you have it now to fulfill this Christmas itch if you would like. :D

  2. Oh... and you know me... I'd go gold and red... but I think the blue and silver would be really pretty. You could even get away with leaving them up until the new year. Red is pretty obviously Christmas...

  3. That bed is so pretty! :) My hubby is good at sharing our bed, which is nice :)