Monday, May 2, 2011

I'm Supposed to Be Reading About Fungi...

but I'm not.  I cannot begin to tell you how many papers I have read about fungi in the past few weeks.  I can now tentatively identify the mold on my deck.  I stand there and look at it and think of taking samples.  My brain is fried.  My brain is odd at the best of times but it is just more random when fried, so I thought I'd tell you about all the wonderful things I saw at the bookstore on Saturday.  Basically I'm killing time. 

My head hurt the most it has ever hurt in my entire life on Saturday which (hopefully) contributed to my abnormally random thoughts.

Enter bookstore:

-Wonder if my purse will set off the alarm?  That nice man tried to disarm it last time I was here.  Walk thru beeper things, um the actual name left know what I mean.  No beeping!  Score!
-If I were the craft section where would I be?  Walks into bookshelf  I think I'll pretend I meant to do that and just planned to look at these books.  Oooooh, Wicked and Son of a Witch together in hardbound.  I want it.  But do I want it for that price?  Nah.
-Crafts, crafts, crafts, where are you?  Found you!! 
-Good grief that is a woman!  So glad I didn't just say excuse me sir! 
-Sits crossed legged in floor. Hmm...I think I'm too dumb to knit.  There are lots of steps.  Yep. Can't think on this now.  Gets up and runs into another bookshelf.  CRAP!  That hurt like a beast.  I think that man is laughing at me.
-I need coffee.  Wow.  New desserts at Starbucks.  I want all of those.  I can't decide which I want, that means I shouldn't have any of them (hindsight that was Horrible logic).  That is the Coolest mug!  (A profile shot of a victorian lady in black).  It's a zombie cup.  Hmm...whoa!  You can see her skeleton.
-Look discount books!  I want you and you and you and you....(this goes on for some time).  Oh look a bread book!  Sits down in floor again.  I think I'm gonna be sick.  Too many food pictures with a headache.  But I really want to make bread and Josh would like this.  Nope.  Nope.  Gotta leave this book.
-Should I get my mother something from here for Mother's Day?  Man that's soon.  What will I get? 
-I better leave I'm not able to settle on anything today!

Soon I will return to the bookstore and get at least one of the desserts and possibly the Wicked book since this is the second time I've looked at it.  My policy is if you look at it four times and still want it you should buy it.  Two more times to go.  I have no idea why you needed to know any of this.  You didn't.  Maybe you're bored too. 

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