Thursday, May 19, 2011

Grumble Grumble Toil and Trouble

I’m irritable today.  Nothing is really wrong; I’m just in a little bit of a bad mood.  Wanna hear my reasons?

-Something is biting me at night (no, smart alecks, it isn’t Josh).  I’ve had six bites.  They itch like Crazy!!!  I actually scratched one so long that it formed a blister and then popped.  L  The one that made a blister is on my middle finger.  I was scratching it when my boss’s boss came in the room.  I think he thought I was flipping him off.  Great (note sarcasm).

-I have a truly annoying song stuck in my head.  Over and over and over it plays on the gramophone of my mind (wasn’t that a lovely comparison?)

-I have tons of stuff that need to be done at home but I still have hours left here at work.  I need a clone of me to send to the apt. to work.

-The fluorescent light in my office is strobing.  I am either going to have a seizure or go crazy and start beating on it with my stapler.  My stapler is one of those three inch pink ones.  My light doesn’t feel threatened and just strobed some to mock my pretty stapler and me.  

-I HATE when people are supposed to be at a meeting and they are late.  It is sooooo much worse when it is a meeting they scheduled.  Obviously they chose a convenient time for themselves or they would have scheduled for a different time, so WHY are they late???  I have had this happen not once, nor twice, but FOUR times this month.  Seriously?  Show up on time to the meeting you scheduled!  Once the person just didn’t show up at all, once they missed half the meeting, once it was scheduled for my office so I couldn’t even leave and I really really had to pee.  

I think I’m going to have a TWIX bar and the world will hopefully be less annoying when I’m done.

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