Saturday, May 7, 2011

Graduation and Assorted Other Stuff

These are the beautiful tulips that Josh got me and a card, cause, well that man loves me.  The card says "Get Well Soon.  Until you do, enjoy the things you see on medication."  Pretty much perfect for the way I feel lol!  Aren't the flowers gorgeous???

 This is us at Thor.  Josh had never seen a 3D movie so we have these super amazing glasses.  We are sexy, not gonna lie :)  We wanted to celebrate his graduation just the two of us, it was mucho fun!  O'Charley's with a gift card first (doesn't food that's free taste better?) then a movie.  Plus me watching 3D movie is a constant trip since my depth perception is so bad it's only 3D from one direction which means I spend half the movie going "I don't see the difference from 2D" and half the movie ducking from flying hammers. 

 Do ya think he's proud to be graduating?  Haha

Josh walking toward the stage!  Almost done!  Woo hoo!!  He's so smart.  I actually missed a shot of him walking past so I had to run like a duck (which was a hoot to see) so that I could get this picture.

This is my bestest friend Bekah.  We've been bestest friends since 2nd grade, geez that's a really long time!  She's super smart too.  She's also super tall so all of our pictures look like this, her stooping, me leaning.  Yay for her being done!

These are the appetizers that I made for supper today.  It's a beef roast cut as thin as possible and marinated overnight in taco seasoning.  This morning I seared both sides of the slivers for just a few seconds.  Put a piece or two into a phyllo pastry cup, covered the meat slightly with picante sauce, and garnished with parsley flakes.  Yeah they were great (at least in my opinion).

End of story:  It has been a great weekend!  'Nuff said.


  1. The tulips are beautiful. The card is so appropriate.
    What a cute picture of you guys in your glasses. You ALMOST can't tell you have a headache!
    Josh looks so smart -- or at least like a wise guy. teehee
    Bekah has on flats; you have on stilts.
    You are a great cook!

  2. ^ Your mom commenting on your posts is sweet. :)

    Also, love the tulips!

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  4. Yay! I was mentioned in the famous blog! hehe
    Those appetizers look amazing!! You might have to teach me how now that I have a kitchen big enough for two people to stand in!