Monday, December 31, 2012

Old and New Resolutions

Today is the day to make promises to yourself that you know, deep within your heart, that you don't indeed to keep. Yes, that's right, it is once again New Year's Eve.  Was your year good?  Mine was good.  Much better than last year if only because I didn't have crippling migraines.  I'm looking forward to this next year.  Josh is going to whittle down significantly how much school he has left and that makes me happy.  Also there are a lot of good movies coming out.  Yeah, I know, that was the lamest thing to be excited about in the new year ever.  The things that I'm looking forward to are more ephermeral though and aren't easily put into words so I went with "Yay the second Thor movie is coming out!"

Before I give my resolutions for the upcoming year (I'm already tired of using that word in this post, let's get more creative) anum, let's see how I did last year time I made resolutions.
1.  Have/Find some sort of Bible Study for Josh and me.  We go to church and we each have a devotional but that isn't really study, ya know?  We need more.  Something more in depth.  Did this.  We are almost through reading the Bible in a year.  We were on track to finish early, but then Josh got in school and we got a little behind.  We should finish before he heads back though.

2.  Be more confident.  I find myself saying "if I were really brave I'd...dye my hair, wear red lipstick, tell him what I think, etc."  I'm not talking about doing major things like jumping out/off of tall things or anything crazy, but you only live once so why not wear red lipstick?  Can I get an amen?  Did this. I actually dyed my hair, but I did other things like go to my first con.  Don't judge, that's something I wanted to do, but was anxious about because what if I didn't fit in?  I told someone what I thought and then we both was at was a guy...I blush to think about it. Moving on.  I also volunteered to teach some sign language at the church which was another big step out for me. 

3.  Prepare for the week better over the weekend.  I'd like to have my menu written out.  I did that really well when I first got married, but over the summer it got tossed aside.  I think it will make the week smoother and more organized.  Who doesn't love organization?  Darn, I was on such a roll!  I didn't do this.  At all.  I actually forgot I intended to. 

So two out of three for last year was pretty good I think.  Having it in writing helps.  I can go back and refer to it (Then how did I forget to prepare better over the weekend?  I don't know.)

Here are this year's:

1.  I want to journal.  I like to write and I'd like to improve at it and writing every day (or most every day) is the only way to get better.  Josh got me a nice new journal for Christmas so there is no excuse.

2.  Improve my mind in some way.  I read a lot and that is good for your mind, but I want more.  In the interest of full disclosure, I am a teeny tiny bit quite a bit jealous of Josh being back in school.  I definitely DO NOT miss the homework and test anxiety, but I do miss learning.  I have some little kid French book/movies and I want to work on my French. Josh and I want to go to Europe when he graduates and it would be cool to be a little more fluent.  I want to work on my cake decorating too.  It's silly, but it gives me pleasure.  I want to be capable of making cakes or cupcakes for friends and family without being embarrassed by how they turn out.  I guess that's more of a skill, but let's run with it, mk?

3.  Work on becoming a more Godly woman.  If I were to keel over this year, I would want people to be able to say of me that I demonstrated God's love.  I don't plan on keeling over, but that way I'll be well prepared.  I don't really know how I am going to go about this.  I go to church, I volunteer there, I read my Bible, I pray.  I do all the stuff you are supposed to do, but it feels like there is something more I could be doing.  For moment, I will make it a matter of prayer and try to show Jesus through every day actions, but I'm on the lookout for something bigger, like a mission trip or, more likely, some ministry that I feel I could be helpful in.

I think those are acheivable.  I'll try to look back at them again a few times through the year so I can keep on task.  Do you have any goals you are striving for?  Here's my hint to you, don't make any goals to lose weight until all the Christmas goodies are done. By then it will be almost Valentine's so, let's let the "lose weight" goal pass us by this year.  We both know it was going to kicked by the wayside anyway.  ;)  I know that Can't be just me!

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