Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Fence Post People

It's a stroll down memory lane tonight, courtesy of a very bad quality picture.  It's fine if you still have your work shoes on.  It's a stroll, not a run.

When I was about nine years old my dad, Eli, and I made the above fence post people.  I don't remember where the fence posts actually came from, but I know we had the green and red paint around the house.  I remember working on it upstairs with Dad.  We measured closely for the arms so they would be straight (measure twice, cut once).  Dad made different noses for Mom and Eli than he did for him and me.  He painted on feminine lips very carefully, he bent wires into glasses frames for the two of us, he cut up a leather belt to cinch around his waist; the whole process took the better part of the day.  Eli and I weren't much help, we danced around him while he worked and painted the arms and shirts.  We were so little!  I was almost the same size as my fence post person!  Then we popped blue marbles in for eyeballs (there were no green ones for Mom and me), perched jaunty Santa hats on their bald heads and called it a craft.

They have been displayed on and off for nearly 15 Christmases.  Eli and I have long since grown taller than our people, but they still make me smile whenever I see their open mouths poised in the middle of a carol.  It's such a fun memory and a cute little craft to boot!  I hope your Christmas memories are sweet tonight!

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