Monday, October 15, 2012


Once upon a time, I was in high school.  I teeny tiny bit on the nerdy side.  I might have possibly taken a book to prom.  It could have been boring!  You just never know!  Anyway, I got enough flak and teasing as it was and I wasn't jumping up and down to add to it.  So, I quickly flipped past Star Trek when I saw it on tv and I resisted giving my opinion on which superhero I fancied.  At some point though, I realized I just didn't care about being popular and I wasn't going to fit into that mold.  Recently, I have come out of my geeky shell and I am loving it!  I am an avid Dr. Who fan, I watch Star Trek whenever I want, I can give you a variety of reason for all the superheroes I love, and just this weekend I went to my first con.  I was a little nervous, what if I didn't even fit in with the geeks?!  I must say that this is a great time to have a husband.  I looked at him and batted my eyelashes and asked how much he loved me and BAM suddenly he was dressing up to go with me, because he love me THAT much!  Now it's time for pictures.

There was a sculptor/prop designer that had some really cool stuff out.  I mean does this not look like it might not sit up and roar at you?  I was a little afraid it might be automated and do just that haha.

Then there were lots of other people dressed up and cosplaying different characters.  I have to admit that a lot of these are blurry because A) my camera and I were fighting and B) I was a little to shy to ask some of the people to stop and pose so it was an on the sly shot.

 Ghostbusters-he was the dad of a whole family of ghostbusters, the two little girls were presh!

The guy on the right said he was a superhero having an identity crisis.  Well okay, more power to you.

And, my absolute fav, Merida!  Isn't she absolutely too cute?  She was so happy to pose too!  She was way thrilled when she walked out and saw that Josh was the Doctor.  Parents were parenting right, dressed up as a Disney character and an appreciation for Dr. Who.  They get an A+

There were also celebrities.  Granted they were minor celebrities as compared to those who would come to bigger cons.  Still, I am incredibly easily amused so naturally, I was amused.

This is the guy who played Olympe Maxime, the giantess in Harry Potter, and he is also Gergor Clagne from Game of Thrones and was in Prometheus and in the Alien Vs. Predator movies.  His name is Ian Whyte, FYI.  He was crazy tall like seven feet.  I was super impressed by the GoT and HP movies on his resume, like pointing and whispering to Josh "He was in GoT AND HP!!"  Yeah it wasn't my most flattering moment.

My favorite thing was the panel.  The panelist I got to hear was Ioan Gruffudd who is this guy from Titanic (he went back and got Rose from the water) and also, the real reason he was there, he is Mr. Fantastic from the Fantastic Four.  He was interesting to listen to and I liked hearing about the behind the scenes of the different movies and shows he's been involved in.

Finally, here are our costumes.  They are far from creative and are about as underachieving as you can get while still actually dressing up lol.  I thought Josh was way adorable though.  One girl nearly swooned, I kid you not.  As in, she clasped her hands together and squealed "He's the Doctor!".  Her two friends were nearly as bad.  I laughed, but to myself, because I get it.  The Doctor is the bomb and my husband is a great looking man.  Together, who can blame them?  I went as Amy Pond because I had recently colored my hair so it fit.  That and I own a lot of plaid shirts like she wears.  Josh said I drew several stares myself.  I think it was the shorts that rode up and up and UP the longer we were there lol!  I don't have any pictures of our friends because I am a slacker.  Sad face.  They were cute though!  A whole family of superheroes.

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