Thursday, December 27, 2012

Holiday in Review

Have you had Christmas until it came out all of your orifices?  Not that I am complaining At All!  It was a blast, but now I need to rest up, at least until next year.  Of course that could be the virus I got.  Not so fun.  Fortunately I had drunk about 42 oz of grape juice (not an exaggeration) and that helped take some of the edge off so I wasn't as sick as a lot of people who got it.

Here are a couple of recap pictures of the holidays.  I hope yours were merry and bright!

Here is our card.  Please accept this as our card to your family if you didn't actually get one in the mail.  I ran out and I had two that somehow didn't get delivered.  Someone told me I looked very content and I am.  :)

Mom whispering with one of her nieces.  She loves all of her nieces and her one nephew.

Brotherly love.  Or a shared disdain for anyone saying "We're taking a picture, SMILE!"

Josh gets sleepy whenever anyone rubs his head lol!  She loved the feel of his short bristly hair.

Josh will put the strangest things on his head.  I know there is a pun right at my fingertips about bows, but for the life of me I can't get it.  Insert it yourself.

Well I should go back to watching Harry Potter.  While I've been convalescing I have watched almost all of them.  I am on the seventh of eight.  Yeah there's been a lot of laying on the couch.  I will return later this week with resolutions for the new year!  Be thinking of your own! 

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