Thursday, December 13, 2012

In Which I Toot My Own Horn a Bit

Josh is a very relaxed person.  He doesn't get excited about anything really.  I had planned something cool (in my opinion) for part of Josh's Christmas present.  It came in which was a pretty big surprise in the first place and it came in early.  Josh saw the return address and started questioning me so I broke down and gave him the present early.

I got this book by Mike Holmes.  Now, if you don't know who that is, let me enlighten you.  He has a tv show called Holmes on Homes that Josh absolutely adores.  When we first got married, before we had a DVR, everything stopped on Sunday night to watch it.  TMI warning, but night we were making out pretty heavily on the couch in the first two months we were married when all of a sudden Josh nearly pushed me off the couch and said "Oh!  I forgot!  It's nine o'clock, time for Holmes on Homes!"  Killed the mood a little bit haha.

Anyway, I sent this book to Mike Holmes' company up in Canada with a letter saying how much Josh likes the show and asking him to sign the book.  I also included return postage which FYI doesn't work because it was outside the US.  I got a nice letter back from Mike Holmes' secretary (thanking me for the unnecessary postage) and HE SIGNED THE BOOK!

Josh was about beside himself!  I have Never seen him that excited about anything.  I think he hugged me three times.  Now I hate that I gave it to him early because it would have been so great on Christmas morning.  He said it was the most thoughtful gift he had ever gotten and that I can never top it which made me smile like crazy.  Yep, I pretty much killed that gift giving ;)  

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  1. Great story! Enjoyed reading it!!! Mike is a really cool guy :)