Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Monopoly Collection

You know when you are in a new group of people and you have to go around and introduce yourself and tell something interesting?  I hate that.  It seems like I'm always in the group with these people "I was the Gerber baby", "well I have met three presidents", "well I won a Nobel Prize...I was 11".  Okay, maybe that is a tiny exaggeration.  Suffice it to say that I tend to panic when you have to give the one interesting fact; everyone else seems to have way better things to tell about themselves.  Here is my go to fact.  I collect Monopolies, like the board game Monopoly. I have about 35 different versions.

There they are.  On display, sort of.  One day I would like to have a beautiful display case of some sort.  I think Josh is going to build me one in his spare time.  Haha, when he has spare time.  He has no spare time.

I have oddball ones like the ones above.  The first is a cross stitched one that Mom made me for Christmas this year.  I was HIGHLY impressed.  It took her over a 100 hours.  She loves me.  The next one is made entirely of chocolate.  Yum!  I won't eat it of course, because you don't eat your collection.  The last is obviously a purse, duh.

I get a couple of different common responses.  I get "Monopoly, like the board game?", "I saw a different version of Monopoly once.  It was a kid's one, like Spongebob or something.", "They make different versions?" and "That's cool!".  Needless to say the latter one is my favorite.  The second one is my least favorite.  That is usually from guys, don't know why.

So basically this post had no other point than showing off my collection and the awesome one that mom just made me.  Come over and we'll play a board game, three guess which type of board game ;)

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