Saturday, July 28, 2012

School Supplies!!

 I love school supplies!  They are awesome.  I also love to buy stuff for kids.  Our church is taking up school supplies for needy kids.  Check out what all we got!

Here is the "big boy" stuff.  My favorite is the notebook that says Just so you know I'm kind of a big deal

Here is the "little boy" stuff.  Avengers notebooks!  Dark Knight!  Mario!  Spiderman!  Phineas and Ferb!  I want to be a little boy!

This is the "little girl" pile.  It isn't as big because Josh kept saying I was getting too much for girls and not enough for boys.  Um, go back up and look at that boy pile.  I totally could have gotten more little girl stuff!  The cuteness of the princess pencil holder kills me.  I thought I would have to have one for myself.

Finally, this is the "big girl" pile.  So many fun patterns and glitter cause girls need glitter.  True story.

When I was in kindergarten I sat at a table with a little girl who stole my crayons, not once but over and over.  Dad told me that I should give them to her and not say anything because that's what Jesus would do.  I gave her my crayons every time.  Then one day she took my Lisa Frank pencil.  I only had two Lisa Frank pencils and I thought that if I had all sorts of Lisa Frank stuff then the other girls would let me sit at their table and be my friends so I tattled to my teacher that she took my pencil and she had to give it back.  To this day I feel awful about making her give me back my pencil.  Her family didn't have enough money to get her crayons (she had to use the box of classroom crayons that were broken and dull) and Lisa Frank pencils.  She probably wanted to feel included just like I wanted the popular girls to like me.  I wish I had given her my pencil.  Now I like to buy nice school supplies for other kids so they don't have to steal other people's stuff.  I hope they get enjoyment out of their school stuff and that it inspires them to kick school butt!  Go buy some school supplies for kids who can't afford them.

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