Monday, July 16, 2012

Mirror to Chalkboard

I wanted a chalkboard for my kitchen and I have been searching for awhile and I couldn't find anything that I liked.  Everything had a very stereotypical fat French chef with black mustachios on it.  Just didn't really fit with my kitchen.  So, I decided to make my own!

This is the mirror I started with.  It was $5 at a yard sale.  It's not really my style, I'm not a big gold fan.

We took off the backing and flipped it over and used the back of the mirror because it was easier to work with.  We had to scrape all the glue off.  Use a sharp knife, preferably a utility knife.  Do not use your best kitchen knife.  That's what we started out with, not the best plan.  :)

Then I sanded the back and scraped the rest of the glue off.  The surface needs to be very smooth and clean.  Next hose it off, literally with a hose.  Now this is a very important step, spray your spouse or child with the hose.  It's been very hot and you need to do this.

Here is the paint.  It matches the pretty bow.  The bow matches the two other bows on the two other stands that completes the cake stand ensemble.  The bows match the KitchenAid mixer.  Are you seeing a theme?  I like this color...a lot.

Partway painted.  Such an improvement IMO.

Reassemble your new chalkboard and add the hanger.

Final product!  It massively clashes with the wall that we hope to paint.  Also everything that I would take with me goes together.  It's all in the lovely seafoam color.  Anyway, I love my new chalkboard!  It's cool!  Make one yourself!

EDIT:  I feel you should know that the chalkboard no longer clashes so terribly with the wall, as the wall has been painted in a massive kitchen renovation.  See HERE on the second picture to see how much better it looks.

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  1. i love that color. it's dominant in my house too! like, my kitchen chalk board is that color. great minds!