Sunday, August 5, 2012

More Kitchen Reno

We are not quite two weeks into the kitchen/living room renovation.  It has been...frantic, chaotic, messy, frustrating, etc.  Still, progress is being made.  We have primered and painted all the doors on the top of the cabinets (Phase I).  There are three phases.  We are about halfway through Phase II (the bottom cabinet doors and bases).

All the doors went back up and the stuff went back into the cabinets (happy day!!).

There has been much painting.  We had colors that we affectionately call ketchup and mustard.  We are replacing with cream and chocolate.  The mustard color was Everywhere!  We have painted the hallway, taken everything out of the closets and painted inside, and we've done some of the big walls.  Two walls will be accented in chocolate.  One of those walls is done.

There is still much left to do but it's nice to see it written down and documented.  It's going to look nice I think.

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  1. It's looking great! Linked to your blog from Lucy's and enjoying catching up! I love school supplies too... guess that is one reason I chose teaching:)