Monday, July 9, 2012

Catching Up

This past week has been pretty busy.  Last week was a three day week.  I vote three day weeks every week with the same pay we currently have.  We went to my grandmother's for her 4th of July picnic.

I took lots of pictures but you saw most of them on FB if you are friends with me.  I also messed around with Instagram.  It's a very hipster app but I love the quick editing and the fun filters. 

Then Saturday Josh and I went to the block party.  It was kind of a bust.  We don't do crowds so great and he doesn't do hot well at all.  We did have excellent icees, man now that I'm thinking about them I kind of want another.  It was luscious and cool.

Josh and I went to one yard sale (Hey I found what I needed, why continue to shop and potentially waste money?).  We got a big fake gilt mirror.  It's going to grow up to be a non-gilt blackboard for the kitchen.  Pictures will be posted.

Sunday (Was that only yesterday?  It was a loooong day today) Eli, his new gf, Josh and I all went to a baseball game.  It was a minor league game and I thought it was kind of fun.  Again with the heat.  It explains Josh's face.  Lol.  About half of our Sunday School class was there and that was fun.  Very social.  Then we went to a Japanese restaurant.

I'm also currently in love with this show.  That explains why I am propping my eye lids up on toothpicks to manage to stay awake until 10.  It is written by Amy Sherman-Palladino who also wrote/produced (both?  I don't remember) Gilmore Girls.  So far there are two characters who also starred on GG, the contractor from Lorelai's house remodel and...Emily Gilmore!  She is almost the same role.  The dialogue is the same spitfire, pop culture reference laden banter that we came to love from Stars Hollow.  You really need to be watching it.

Those are the nuances of my life.  I hope yours is equally laid back and wonderful.

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