Wednesday, September 12, 2012

End of the Kitchen Renovation :D :D

It's done!  Countertops were installed today!  It was a magical day lol.  There are a couple of minor things that have to be done, like touch up on paint, but I'm counting it as done as far as posting about it goes.  I am soooo glad it is over.

Here is the before.  Also, it makes me excited about Christmas.  Look at all the Christmas goodies!  Mostly though look at how ick the kitchen looks.


Here it is afterward.  How different is that?!  I think it is WAY better!  I think we made a good choice to do it, it will probably help the resale value and it makes me smile :D a lot... :D :D

Here are two close ups, one of the pretty counters and one of the new faucet.  I really like the faucet, don't know why.  I just think it's cool.

Thanks for following our renovation!  It's been a time of it.  All renovations take twice as long as you think it should.  At least twice as long.  I am always so excited to start a project but I am always more excited to finish one.  Our house is becoming our dream home :)  

BTW, some random words are showing up as hyperlinks in my posts.  Until I figure out why this is happening, don't click on any link that doesn't seem legit.  I don't want anyone to wind up with weird spam or something from my blog.


  1. Looks great! I have the same I agree that its pretty cool!

  2. Love your chalkboard project AND your white cabinets. I really want to paint mine! Thanks for sharing. I am very into repurposing yard sale finds.

    Lisa @All That and a Box of Rocks (I Love Fun Fridays w/Kate)