Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Doin's of the Week

 Josh and I went to our favorite park on Memorial Day.  Ain't he cute?  It was lots of fun.  We walked and held hands, you know, the couple thing.
 I got these new earrings!  Aren't they cool?  They are an African Tree of Life and they are a donation toward a relative going to Africa on a mission trip.
 Been reading A Game of Thrones.  Awe-Some!  Oh my goodness, it is great.  Fairly mind blowing.  I love a book that creates a world and this one does.  More on this when I finish it.  It's long so it may be awhile lol!
Flowers!  Lilies are my favorite.  I planted these at Mom's house a few years ago and they Still come back!  For someone who can't keep plants alive, this is amazing.

That's my week so far.  I hope yours is great.  Big shout out to all my foreign readers.  I LOVE to see people reading in other places!  Hi!  (Waving excitedly)

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