Thursday, May 31, 2012

Vegetarian Experiment

So I have decided to go meatless for an entire month.  Gosh I'm going to miss chicken casserole.  Josh was watching How It's Made the other day.  Well, "watching" is a very generous term.  He turned it on and then fell asleep while I watched.  This episode was about chicken tenders.  Then we watched another one that was about processing chicken and putting it in CANS!  Cans!  I think the chicken tenders was slightly grosser but only very slightly.  That is what led to this decision.

I started tonight.  I had planned on starting tomorrow, June 1st, but I have a friend's wedding on the 30th of next month and I want to eat whatever I want then!  lol  Tonight I pattied out burgers for Josh and I had a portabello mushroom burger.  It wasn't a big sacrifice because I don't like ground meat, but I know it will be harder as the month goes on.  Josh already asked if I wanted to go to Chik-fil-a tomorrow for lunch.  :(  I Love Chik-fil-a!  Still, this will be good for me.  I want to kind of revamp my system and decide how much meat my body really craves/needs.

I am thinking about going more natural.  After seeing the How It's Made stuff I am thinking I may have to resort to organic meats.  Organic meat is SO expensive, but not ingesting lots of chemicals is a good thing too.  I wrote to a friend of mine from my old church and she sent me a huge email full of tips for eating healthier.  My favorite tip that she gave me was to start off the meal with something raw:  salad, apple slices, carrot sticks, just whatever that hasn't been cooked.  I'm kind of excited to see how I feel at the end of the month and to see if I can actually go the whole month.  I'll keep you posted especially if I make something cool with no meat.

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