Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Strange Things Men Do

Why do men do this??  I don't care it's just funny!  The toilet paper is literally within arm's reach.  Josh got it out.  So why not put it on the empty roll?  It's not just Josh; my dad does this, my brother does this, any other man whose bathroom I've been in before his wife/girlfriend got there does this.  Josh is so smart, he can fix anything on a car, my dad is an engineer, my brother can weld anything metal, and yet none of them change the toilet paper roll!  HILARIOUS!!!  All three of these men also leave empty boxes on the counter.  As in, they finish the pop-tarts and leave the box on the counter or in the cabinet!  Why??  Is it to show they finished something so it will go on the grocery list?  Is it to prove an accomplishment?  I don't know but I laugh every time.  Hope you laughed too!

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