Saturday, June 18, 2011

Hallmark Holidays and Life Lessons from My Dad

Hallmark makes up holidays.  I really believe this.  Mother's Day, Father's Day and Valentine's Day are the big three.  These aren't real holidays.  Mother's day could just as easily be the second Sunday of October instead of May.  It is totally arbitrary.  Hallmark has concocted these holidays as an excuse to induce consumers into buying cards and flowers.  Sears has colluded with Hallmark in the invention of Father's Day.  I love my mom, my dad, and my husband but I don't think that me telling them that I love them on a predetermined day marked on the calendar and celebrated all around the nation is a good indication of how I feel.  I think these holidays put undue pressure on a realtionship (especially V-day).  Suddenly how much you care is measured in what you get the other person and whether you brave the Red Lobster crowd to take that loved one out to eat.

That being said, here are life lessons my Daddy taught me all through game metaphors.

1.  Softball-Keep your eye on the ball.  If you want to hit the ball you have to watch it all the way til it hits the bat.  Same thing with anything you want, you can't get cocky or certain you have it til you hear that connection of bat to ball.
2.  Boxing-Don't tuck your thumb under your fist.  I'm little.  There are bullies in life.  Consequently, Daddy taught me to fight.  You will break your thumb if it is under your fist.  That pretty much makes a victory hollow.  Don't take any crap from people and be ready to fight if you Must, but don't get hurt in the process.
3.  Basketball-Even short people can win at basketball.  You have to play to your strengths.  Even if you are little, find a way to use it to your advantage.  Play harder, duck and weave, simply want it (whatever "it" happens to be) more than anyone else on the court or in life.
4. Football-Don't be afraid to punt.  "It's time to step back and punt" is pretty much the saying that describes my life.  If your first plan doesn't work, just try to score (accomplish something).  Punting may not be glamorous like scoring a touchdown but it can still win the game.
5. Soccer-Don't play in the house.  This isn't a life lesson so much as a funny story.  Dad and I were playing soccer in the house, Mom went to take the trash out.  Before she left she said "don't break anything" by the time she got back Dad had kicked my foot and broken his toe.  I was rolling with laughter and he was hopping around the living room.  Listen to your mom and don't kick your kids!
6. Checkers-Gotta take your jumps.  You may have set yourself up to get your kings taken but that is a consequence of your actions.  Think ahead and be willing to accept the hand, er checker, you dealt yourself.
7. Pretty Pretty Princess-Daddy loves you.

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  1. Coy is indeed a great Dad/Husband/Leader, and his bald head looked fabulous with the Pretty Pretty Princess Crown perched on top! One of my favorite pictures of him. --Mom