Thursday, June 16, 2011

Things I Want to Do Starting July 8th

I am through having fun with this silly summer class.  Through I tell you!  Actually, since it's a chemistry class, I never started having fun.  I keep coming up with things I want to do but I can't cause I should study or something else equally exciting.

1.  Paint my toenails.  They are all chipped and desperately need new polish but that is way low on my priority list.
2.  Bake bread.  I want good hearty bread like I make not this store bought stuff. 
3.  Make homemade cookies and/or pie.  There are soooooo many fruits in season they are calling to me to be baked and time.
4.  Date with my hubby.  I would like to leave the house.  Put on makeup.  Wear heels. 
5.  Go shopping with my mom.  Retail therapy is so essential. On the plus side we are saving money right now.
6.  Hang out with my little brother (who got his wisdom teeth out today, poor guy).
7.  Read fun books.  The second Liz Curtis Higgs book is waiting at Mom's house.  I'm halfway through Tina Fey's book and I had to return a perfectly good book to the library because I didn't have time.  Oh the injustice!
8.  Go swimming.  Right now that sounds like such fun, but in reality I don't like for that much of my skin to be exposed to other's eyes so maybe I'll just be glad I'm busy lol.

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  1. I hear a trip to the nail place to get our toes done!!! and also... I think you've just been out of the practice of school too long. haha!