Saturday, June 4, 2011


Where should Josh and I go on vacation?  Josh doesn't care and I can't decide.  We have talked about this on several occasions and last night I ask him "So have you thought more about where we want to go for vacation?" and he said "Oh, was I supposed to?  I hadn't thought about it at all."  Sigh.  Apparently I'm making the decision.  We had planned on going on a European cruise and had even made reservations but then because of pharmacy school we had to cancel.  We could try to reschedule that for some other time.  We could go to Disney because everyone knows my true calling in life is to be a Disney Princess and I'm sure as soon as I walk through the gates, the ghost of Walt himself will recognize this and a cartoon of me will be made and I'll get a beautiful dress and hang out with all my fellow Disney Princesses all day.  Course if that didn't happen, there are always Tons of rides, lots of food, and fun to be had.  I have only been when I was 3 and Josh has never been.  We could go to Charleston.  Definitely the tamest of the options but also the cheapest.  We love Charleston.  It's pretty.  That's about all I have to say about that, there is no magically turning into anyone great.  OH wait!  We could become Civil War soldier, but I would hope not!  Anyway, what I need from all of you is for you to vote in the poll and help me decide.  A)  Because I can't decide.  B)  Because you want to help fellow womankind C) Because if the trip sucks I can always tell Josh that my blog fans made me do it :) just kidding.  Keep in mind this will be not only our vaca but also our belated honeymoon.  Happy voting!


  1. I choose Charleston :) You never know when you're gonna need the extra money you'd be spending at Disney!

  2. Ugh. True, sad but true. Sometimes I wish I had a money tree. Oh well. I don't think there is a wrong answer when it comes to vacations!! :)