Monday, June 6, 2011

Pity Party...No Really, a Party

So Josh has been a little down lately.  Life is stressful, what can ya do, you know?  Waving hand wildly.  I know, I KNOW!!!  Throw a pity party!  My mom did this for me at one point when I was going through a lot stress.  It made light of the situation but at the same time acknowledged that it was a rough patch.  So, since I wanna grow up to be just like my mom (and the Pioneer Woman), I threw Josh a pity party.  Complete with cake, foam-ish airplane favors, and a present.

Here is the party.  I didn't have any wrapping paper so his Weeds dvd was in the Victoria's Secret bag.  Hmm, maybe the dvds were a let down.  Just kidding.  A little too much information, sorry.  The cake has Oreo creme icing.  It was great!

This is Josh checking out the foam planes.  We put them together and flew them in the apartment.  They are on the mantle now, in case we want to play air force.

I made him put the party hat on and let me take a picture, but I couldn't convince him to let me put the pic online.  Trust me, you guys are missing out!  So, since I spent an entire dollar on it (the dollar store is awesome for some stuff), I put it on.  Forgive the Horrible picture.

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