Friday, May 10, 2013

Shopping, Lots and Lots of Good Shopping

Today Mom and I hit town hard.  We hadn't shopped in several weeks so we each had a list of things we needed to get and accomplish.

I got two new pairs of shoes.  Only one is pictured because it is way too far to walk across the room just to take a picture.  Yeah, I'm feeling That lazy, deal with it.  How cute are these?!  Plus, on clearance!

Then we went to CVS.  I've just started doing couponing there because they have Extra Bucks.  I say this because this is hardly a "haul", but I'm just learning.  Here's the breakdown

Shick Razor=$12.99-$4.00EB-sale price=$5.49
Shick Shaving Gel=Free w/purchase of Shick razor (manufacturer's coupon)
All=$3.99 (sale price)-$1.00 manufacturer's coupon=$2.99

Original price (no sales, no coupons)=$20.97+tax
Price with coupons, Extra Bucks, and sales=-$1.50

Yes, that's right, they paid me to walk out of the store with merchandise.  I got four dollars in Extra Bucks and $4.40 in cash because they rang it up wrong.  Three items do hardly a crazy couponer make, but guys, SO MUCH FUN!!!

After that Mom and I went to Wal-Mart for the best part of the day. Yes, I know free stuff is hard to beat, but look at this buggy full of joy...

How much do you want to play???  My family has been helping out some kids in Belize for several years now and Mom decided she wanted to send board games to the local orphanage there, so we all chipped in and got this cart of wonderfulness.  I so so wish I could go down there and hand them out.  And play Mouse Trap.  Mom wouldn't let me have that when I was a kid because it had so many pieces.  And Clue because I haven't played Clue in a long time.  It was like shopping for Operation Christmas Child in May!

So that was my day, productive and fun, just as a weekend day should be.  Tomorrow is a Hobby Lobby day.  Oh it's gonna be good :)

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