Friday, February 22, 2013

A Mantle and Two Walls

Today I went to Hobby Lobby.  I love that store.  My bank account, however, does not.  Today though, I was happy AND my bank account was happy!  How you ask.  80% off sale.  Oh yeah!  The Valentine's Day stuff was practically being given away so I got stuff to make a mantle.  Isn't it cute!

 Okay, now close ups:

 I love this little guy.  I've decided that I have a thing for owls.  Remember my my Halloween mantle.  It had an owl too.  I even picked out a precious poster with lots of owls.  Anyway, this owl, at 80% off was $1.40!  I mean, look at him, he needed to come with me.  He also begged for a name, so I am calling him Charles-Winston.  He looks like a Charles-Winston, don't you think?

I saw this print (and the other cake pop one) at HL months ago and thought they were so cute, but I had no idea what I would do with them.  Nothing in my house is pink and it is really girly, VDay can be girly though.  Plus, sale!  You gotta have it then!

On another decorating note, I am angry at two walls.  That's normal right, to be angry at large stationary objects?  I have one wall in my kitchen and the other side of the same wall that is in the living room.  They desperately need "something", but I am having a hard time finding what that "thing" is.  I have these posters (below) on the wall now and they looked great against the old red walls, but they just blend right into the paint.  I have several old school movie posters that I could hang. I already have two framed, but I don't know, I cant decide if they will look right.  I think I would get different frames and paint them that shade of blue green that I love so much.  The other wall is sooooo long.  It just stretches all the way down the hallway and there is nothing there.  I want something with color because our house is very neutral, but I want something with personality.  That is the perfect wall for a landscape, but it just seems very generic.  I want something a little more personal, something that reflects my style more.  Thoughts?  Offer to come and just make it more decorated?  Anyone, anyone, no?  Sad.
I feel like I should talk about other pieces of my house and show random pictures ala:  couch, tv stand, spinny chair, but the post is long so I'll spare you!

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  1. I'm having a hard time envisioning the other walls, but that long wall is begging for some sort of gallery display. Those can be personalized!