Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Last Friday Night...And Saturday and Sunday

This weekend was very good!  I know that's it's been several days since the weekend but I can pretty much only use the computer on Wednesday because Josh doesn't need it.  His homework supercedes my blogging lol.  Here's several pictures from the weekend.

I made these.  They were SUPER good.  Just croissants with nutella dipped in a butter bath then rolled in cinnamon and sugar.  Takes three minutes to prep, 13 minutes to bake, so basically you are sixteen minutes from sweet chocolately goodness.  I'll wait here while you do that.  Waiting...humming...oh good you're back.  I also made this pumpkin gingerbread trifle and this autumnal soup.  Don't  you love the word autumnal?  I do.  The trifle was good but I suggest combing some cream cheese with the whipped topping.  Skip the soup.  It was too sweet and baby food consistency.

I did some autumn decorating.  I hung up this ugly wreath.  Well, it isn't That ugly, just not my style.  The previous owners left it behind.

I got this cute little candle holder in the shape of a pumpkin.  Then I put mulled cider tealights in it.  Mmm, smells good.  Besides smelling good, this cuteness was originally $30, but there was a half off sale at Kohl's so it was $15 (I bet you could do that upper level math in your head couldn't you?) and I had a $10 off coupon so it was $5!  How great is that!

I decorated my mantle.  I really like it, but it isn't "finished".  I have this crafty creative friend who has a beautiful mantle, see.  My mantle aspires to that greatness but it isn't there yet.  Please don't tell my mantle as it would hurt its feelings.  I think it needs height and fake leaves.

Then I colored my hair.  Am I old enough that I should be ashamed to tell people I color my hair?  I never like any hair cut or color at first, but I am already getting used to it and am liking it a good deal better.  It's the first time I've ever colored it by myself, it's a bit patchy as a result, but still an overall good effort.  We are calling me Patchy Pippi! (Pippi Lockingstocking?  You remember her?)

Then I went to a Pinterest party at a friend's house.  It was such fun!  I took the bad soup and the good trifle since they were Pinterest recipes.  I also made this much prettier wreath for the front door (the other is on the side door).  Isn't it fall-ish?  It makes me smile :)

My weekend was great!  I hope yours was as well, if it wasn't, at least you are halfway to another one!


  1. well ain't you the sweetest thing?! to be honest, this is the first year i've loved my mantle/fall decor! i wanna see yours!! and i think the ugly wreath isn't that ugly, except what's with the grapes?

  2. All I can say is that the wreath is fruitful! There just hanging everywhere. haha