Thursday, May 7, 2015

What's for Supper?

When I was a kid, Mom would sit the three of us down about once a quarter and say "I can't think of anything to cook.  Tell me three things you want to have for supper."  Eli would request meatloaf and pancakes, I would ask for chicken and dumplings, and Dad would ask for something gross like stuffed peppers.  Eli and I would give him a look that clearly said "What the heck, man?  Where's the solidarity?  You could have asked for pizza with peppers and we could have least picked those off, but a whole veggie based meal?  Where's the love?"  It was a very meaningful look.

Well now I'm looking around my pantry and freezer and going, "...."  That's what my brain is suggesting for supper.  I have cooked all the things.  There is no inspiration left.  So of course, I do what Mom did:  I ask Josh for three suggestions for supper.  I have regularly seen him lift a fork with sustenance on it and insert it into his mouth.  He eats. He eats what I cook.  Does he have ANY suggestion for me?  A single meal?  No.

Okay, I refuse to be beaten so easily.  So I try a different tactic, not the same day, oh no I ambush him with it a few days later.  "Babe, if you could eat anything in the world tonight, anything you wanted, what would you want to eat?"  I would have gone to get steak!  I would have attempted a lobster!  Nope, no response.

Sigh.  Let's try ONCE MORE.  
"Love of my life, what would  you like for supper?"  
"I don't care."  
"Okay, then I think we'll just pick around, have a sandwich, or cereal, or something like that."
"I don't want that."
"Then what do you want?"
"I don't know, just not that."

I give up.  I think we're going to Mom's house for supper.  Maybe he'll tell her what he wants to eat!

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