Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Goings on at La Plage Bébé

La Plage Bébé, that's what I'm now calling our backyard.  It has the beginnings of a baby resort out there.  We have a new-to-us swing, baby pool with pirate ship and squirty dolphin, and pear juice popsicles.  It's a pretty good life!  Next year, when everything doesn't go straight to Cordie's mouth, we'll add a sandbox and it will be like being at the beach all summer long!  Well for her.  Momma likes a hot tub for it to be a true beach experience.

She is throwing some serious shade in her shades.

She's smiling so hard you can't see her eyes at all!

You know how your Mom always told you you could be anything?  Well mine should have said "You can be anything except a videographer."  I was going to post a cute little video of her splashing, but shes barely in the frame and I sound like Minnie Mouse on helium in the background.  Guys, it's rough.  I was going to send a disc of Cordie videos with our next birth parent letter, but now, shudder.  Do I sound like that in real life???  Anyway, imagine her splashing with that green blur that is actually a shovel.

So yeah, maybe invest in actual swim diapers.  Regular ones suck it up like crazy, just look at the size comparison.

That's our week!  Come join us at Baby Beach!

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