Thursday, May 28, 2015

The Wonders of a Fast Crawler

When Cordie first began crawling she was hurky jerky about it and it took forever for her to get anywhere.  Now, however, she's pretty much a speed demon and zips wherever.  Here was a brief look into our morning.

8:15-Set Cordie down with Flutterby to play while I pick up
8:16-Realize I can't see Cordie from the living room and move her
8:17-How did Sophie get in the living room?  Did I bring her?  Did Cordie?
8:18-Picking up picture frames, Cordie notices and begins to crawl to "help"
8:18.30-Picking up faster
8:19-Snatching glass from Cordie's chubby fingers
8:20-Go to put clothes away
8:22-Find Cordie trying to climb stairs.  Bemoan the fact that I have a climber, move her, make mental note to get gates at next outing.
8:23-Get frames from another room, come back, where's the baby?
8:23.30-Find Cordie just out of sight.  Restart heart from mild heart attack that just occurred.
8:24-Bring Cordie into kitchen to begin to load dishwasher.
8:24.30-Cordie begins to empty diaper bag.  Decide that's a battle I don't want to fight.
8:26-Cordie begins to lay her head on empty juice container and "strum" it guitar style like a washed up drunk country singer.  I try to take a picture
8:26.30-Cordie notices, crawls over, and begins to hang onto my pants.
8:27-Pry Cordie's fingers off my pants, joint by joint.  She begins to cry.  Tell her to shake it off.  Seriously, Momma ain't got time to cater to every single whim.
8:29-Crying doesn't stop.  Put Cordie in walker.
8:30-Decide it's time for a bottle because someone needs a break.  Is it me?  Is it her?  IS IT ONLY 8:30?????

This was just fifteen minutes.  There are a lot of fifteen minutes in a day.  I didn't realize just how FAST she would get!  She's into everything.  And have I mentioned she is beginning to climb the baby jail?  Guys.  I am not even prepared.  Soon nothing will be able to contain her.  Good thing she's cute.  I Wish I had a picture of her playing the orange juice bottle to add here.  Alas no.

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