Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I Am NOT Your "Sweetie"!

It's been a long time since I've had a soapbox.  Today is the day.  I HATE when people I don't know use terms of endearment for me!  It seriously drives me nuts. 

Today I was on the phone with the granite people.  We Still don't have granite.  It's been four weeks.  That was Not the projected timeline.  To make matters worse our granite isn't even in the state and the truck that should go pick it up has been broken TWO months (is this Enough unnecessary use Of capital LETTERS??).  So I finally get ahold of the company who is supposed to have already completed this job.  This is, in itself a feat, because for some reason they don't answer their phone.  So I am being firm, but kind.  I'm really trying to get an idea of when we could possibly have granite on our waiting cabinets.  I am dying without my sink!  There can be no sink until there are countertops.  The woman on the phone keeps calling me sweetie.  And it isn't just that she is calling me sweetie, it's the tone.  As in:

"Look, I'm just trying to get a timeframe on this.  We had deadline and we were told when these were going to be installed and they weren't and now we aren't even being contacted and told what is going on."
"Well, sweetie, I'm sure that's frustrating but the only truck we have to haul the granite has been in the shop, like, two months."

And then later:  "Sweetie, I'm working on it."

GRRRR!  In the first place, this was no small amount of money that we have given to these people.  I mean, granite does not come cheap!  I want what I paid for!  In the second place, this is a professional call so "sweetie" is not really appropriate.  Stop it.  It's annoying.  I'm not a child, I'm a disgruntled customer and your condescension isn't helping matters one single bit!  I will continue to say GRRR until I see some results!  I want to see granite in my home!

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