Friday, June 22, 2012

Play-Doh and Sheep's Blood Agar

I love Fridays.  Well, everyone does so that doesn't really mean much.  I love Friday especially because I only have half days (woot woot!).  Usually I hang with Mom and we shop and eat out and whatnot.  Today, though I got to visit with this cutie pie and her sister whom I hadn't met yet!

It was Caylee's happy un-birthday.  If you don't celebrate happy un-birthdays you should definitely start, like tomorrow.  They are great.  Anyway, Caylee had a cupcake with a candle and a present.  She got Play-Doh!  I LOVE Play-Doh!

We made sea creatures.  Mom made Flounder from the Little Mermaid and I made this wonderful lobster.

I got a call from my boss while I was hanging out with Caylee.  It was a little funny:

Boss Man:  Did you order the Sheep's Blood Agar?
Me:  Yeah, it hasn't come in it. 
Boss Man:  Guess that's why I can't find it then.
Me:  If it hasn't come in by Tuesday I'll...Sweetie, don't, use two them about it.
Boss Man:  Huh?  Sierra?
Me:  Sorry I was telling my cousin to use two hands on the cup.  She is used to a sippy cup and this is a big girl cup.
Boss Man:  Ooooh.  It was like a totally different language!  I had no idea what was going on!

It was fun to hang out with them!  They are such cuties!  Now I am gearing up for a fun weekend.

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