Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I Am Lionness, Hear Me Roar

 So, do you remember me telling you how I have no shame?  Okay well here is another example of that.  I want pin curls.  My hair has a natural ability to curl. 

I look like The Cowardly Lion.  No kidding.  Mom is calling me Nala (Lion King).  Also, please forgive the crazy eyes, it was early and I was...honestly I don't even know what was going on!

This was what I was going for.  I don't know who this is, I found it when I searched for pin curls.  If it's you, you look great!  I love your curls!  How did you do it???  That is the question!  Does anyone know how to go from the first picture to the second.  I think maybe if I spritz them down when I take the pins out it will help with the frizz but that's all I've got.  Any advice you have is great!  I also accept laughter at The Lionness ;)

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