Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Why I Hate Valentine's Day

So...it's Valentine's Day.  I'm sure you didn't notice that.  It's not like every store isn't completely plastered with red and pink and hearts.  I hate Valentine's Day.  I know it's all about love, but I'm not feeling it.

Reasons I hate VDay:

1.  Over commercialization, I hate when things that should have some meaning get too over saturated with Stuff.  Christmas is like that too.  The holiday is supposed to be about love but it has become about what you get whether that's a big bouquet of roses or something sparkly.  Love isn't gifts.  Love is a verb.  Sure, I like gifts, but I don't measure how much Josh loves me by whether or not he brings home flowers or flowers AND a teddy bear.  Basically Hallmark has made a holiday and has convinced the nation we need to celebrate.

2.   Pressure, VDay is perhaps the most pressure filled holiday Ever!  It's pressure filled for guys because they have to come up with the best gift or most romantic evening.  Most guys aren't naturally romantic so this is a stretch.  They know that their girlfriend will be comparing the gifts and romance with everything their friends boyfriends did.  Girls feel all this pressure to have a boyfriend.  If you don't have a boyfriend then suddenly you are somehow "lesser".  But everybody have a really great day!  Eye roll.

3.  Forced love, this is part of the pressure thing but I hate that everyone has to tell their SO that they love them.  What if you aren't too that part of your relationship?  I'd rather have Josh tell me he loves me in August when it isn't "required" than Feb. 14th because society says he must tell me today.

4.  Sketchy history, there is not a reliable source of information when it comes to actually who St. Valentine was.  Basically we're celebrating a man who may or may not have written a love letter to his lady love from prison before he was killed as a martyr.  The reason for his martyrdom is debated.  The actuality of the lady love existing is uncertain.

5.  Bad past history, I may possibly over think things.  One of the most common things Josh says to me is "what are you over thinking now?" When I was a kid and you had to give Valentine's to everyone, I was basically a basketcase.  What did this Valentine say to this person about how I felt about them?  How do I really feel about this random schoolmate?  What if I don't get any cards in my box?  What does this Valentine I received mean?  I'm unfortunately serious.  It's even sadder since I was 7.  Then there was the form/from debacle of '97.  I wrote all my Valentine's that year saying Form:  Sierra.  F-o-r-m.  Now, in my mind, Mom fussed something fierce at me over my spelling error and basically said that all my classmates would call me an idiot.  My mother would Never have said such a thing, but this is how it went in my mind.  I was completely spazzing every year after that about spelling correctly. 

Basically VDay and I have bad blood.  I'm so glad tomorrow isn't a holiday!

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